As the Managing Director of a small Jewish non-profit, I am always looking for creative fundraisers. Yet at the same time, I have limited resources and time to devote to creating one. That is why I believe Walk2Israel—created and managed by Aish NY—is a great solution for many Jewish charities.

What is Walk2Israel?

Walk2Israel is a pedometer challenge designed for Jewish charities. Participants challenge themselves to walk 100 miles in less than a month, together walking the distance to Israel. To date it has helped 10 organizations raise over $200,000.

How does it work?

Participants sign up online to join Walk2Israel and walk for a participating charity of their choice. They set up a personal page, receive a tracker in the mail and invite their friends, family and colleagues to sponsor their challenge. On the start date they are off! Whether they are walking or running, every step counts toward their goal while their sponsors cheer them on and track their progress online. Any Jewish non-profit can join and recruit their supporters to raise money for them. In my opinion, the three main advantages Walk2Israel has over a traditional peer-to-peer fundraising campaign are:


It is cutting edge

Walk2Israel uses self-tracking technology to count every step taken. The steps are uploaded wirelessly to the event website where participants, sponsors and event organizers can see the latest progress. It’s a 21st Century Walkathon.

It is easy

Everything is already set up. As a participating charity all you have to do is send your people to the site to sign up. Also much of the administrative burden of a fundraiser such as donor acknowledgement, records and troubleshooting Aish NY takes care of.

It is low risk

The upfront cost to participate is very small. Even if your walkers only raise a few thousand dollars, that’s more money than you had originally. The risk of building and maintaining the platform is all on Aish NY. If you have any questions about Walk2Israel or about fundraising in general, please be in contact Michael at walk2israel dot org.




Rabbi David Markowitz is the Managing Director of Aish NY and has been a leader in Jewish Outreach for the past ten years. He manages all of Aish NY’s programs, trips, seminars and educational curriculum development, and also specializes in database administration and consulting.        



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