Kollel Ateres Mordechai is delighted to present a written collection of five schmuessen on Purim from Maran HaGaon HaRav Mordechai Gifter, zt”l. We are privileged to have Rabbi Israel Schneider provide the translations from the original Hebrew.

Rabbi Israel Schneider studied in Telshe Yeshiva for about 20 years. In that period of time, he was privileged to hear shiurim from Rav Mordechai Gifter, zt” l. Rabbi Schneider also served as a writer/translator for the Mesorah Heritage Foundation (ArtScroll) for fifteen years. 

The schmuessen from the Rosh Yeshiva address practical topics on Purim as well as touch on some of the more esoteric matters of this powerful Yom Tov. The topics of the schmuessen are:


  1. When Adar Begins We Increase Rejoicing
  2. The Mitzvah without the Blessing: The Commandment of the Remembrance of the Obliteration of Amalek
  3. The Pathway to Redemption of the Purim Miracle
  4. The Obligation to Cheer Yourself with Wine on Purim
  5. The Reading of the Megillah is Equivalent to the Recitation of the Hallel – The Grandeur of the Concealed Miracle

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