I would like to share with you an exciting educational tool called Gemara Academy. Gemara Academy is a program that is meant to be used by teachers and/or students for teaching and learning gemara. 

Gemara Academy utilizes technology to visually engage students with flowcharts, animations, and quizzes that transform the classroom. Instead of competing for a student’s attention, Gemara Academy takes advantage of technology to bring the gemara text to life.


Click here for an overview video presentation of the Gemara Academy classes.

Click here for a video that presents samples of the four parts of each class.

Click here for a video presentation of  a quiz.

Please find below is a summary of the four parts of each Gemara Academy class:

I. The Class Outline

This is the first part of the class, and it consists of 3 parts:

  1. a) The gemara text with nekudos
  2. b) The breakdown of the gemara into sections (teaching, question, answer, proof)
  3. c) The keywords and their meaning

II. The Introduction Class

Presented here are the concepts, teachings, and other background information that are relevant to the class.

IV. The Flowchart Class

Presented here is the actual content of the class, and it consists of 3 parts:

  1. a) Shows what the student learned and what he will be learning
  2. b) Shows the gemara in a flowchart form
  3. c) Shows the gemara in a flowchart form with the lashon ha’gemara

IV. The Text Class

Here you can see the tzuras hadaf with nekudos, and as well as a sidebar with the text’s translation.

Gemara Academy has 600+ classes on the following פרקים:

  1. תפלת השחר
  2. אלו מציאות
  3. המפקיד
  4. הכונס
  5. המניח
  6. השוכר את האומנין
  7. החובל
  8. כיצד העדים
  9. השותפין
  10. חזקת הבתים


Wishing you much hatzlacha in your Avodas Hakodesh,


Chananya Hoffinger




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