NLE Resources is a division of Ner LeElef, a Jerusalem-headquartered institute promoting Jewish communal manpower and resources. Ner LeElef is the leadership arm of a broader initiative, Morasha International, a global initiative introducing Judaism to Jewishly unaffiliated students.

In addition to providing resources to educators around the globe, Ner LeElef operates outreach and teaching training programs for young rabbis and their wives in Israel and the United States, as well as training seminars in Argentina and the former Soviet Union. Our flagship Ner LeELef Outreach and Leadership Training Program is now in its 16th cycle and provides two-year grants and placement assistance to qualified young rabbis and rabbinical students to learn Jewish Law, Jewish Philosophy and professional skills in order to teach lead in Diaspora communities. Classes and workshops – which meet on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings at our campus – are taught by expert rabbis and professionals as well as visiting educators and organizational leaders from around the world. The Ner LeElef Outreach and Leadership Training Program is directed by Rabbi Eli Gendelman and is overseen and steered by Rabbi Reuven Leuchter. Additional Ner LeElef training programs include:

Ner LeElef Lakewood Training Program

Yeshiva Teachers Institute

Darchei Hora’ah Training Program (Hebrew speakers)

The Jerusalem Kollel (an affiliate of Ner LeElef)


Sucath David (Buenos Aires)

Morasha (Buenos Aires)


Shvut Ami Chinuch Program

For more information about our programs, please contact Rabbi Eli Gendelman:

For information about personnel and how to bring a Ner LeElef graduate to your community, please contact Rabbi Yaakov Miller: