This page offers links that are certain to help the Jewish Educator when it comes to designing or enhancing educational materials or curriculum. Websites Enables Mechanchim and Mechanchos worldwide to share quality educational ideas and materials. The Jerusalem Kollel Online Classes Includes: 100’s of PDF’s, audio, video, and source sheets from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits.... Read more »
The issue of bullying—let alone cyber-bullying—has sadly been getting more and more attention as of late. Below, you’ll find great websites, articles, and video to aid you with this alarming issue at both the classroom and administrative level. Websites The Coalition of Jewish Teens The Official Stop Bullying Website Bullying Prevention The Ultimate Guide to... Read more »
How can a parent be consistent in discipline? What are a school’s obligations toward children with special needs? How do we teach our young sons good middos? How much Torah should our daughters be learning? Rav Yaakov Weinberg, zt”l, rosh yeshivah of Yeshivas Ner Israel, was one of the Torah world’s foremost authorities on chinuch... Read more »
Increasingly, forward-looking scientists and psychologists researching issues of childrearing are finding themselves looking…backwards! After years of failed experiments in education, it is the Torah’s eternal wisdom that is proving itself the most effective, most humane, and most sensible way of teaching our children. In this fascinating, extensively-researched, and beautifully written work, Rabbi Kelemen, best-selling author,... Read more »
Never before have parents dealt with an environment as alluring to children as the one which we find ourselves in today. Never before have children been tempted to succumb to a culture that preaches the religion of self-gratification and pleasure-seeking. Never before has the home been less insulated to the effects of the media. Never... Read more »