NLE Thinking Gemara Series – already a popular teaching tool in the hands of Outreach rabbis and school teachers everywhere – is proud to announce a brand new set of source materials exploring the history and depth of the custom to light increasing candles on each night of Chanukah. The shiur focuses on the famous Gemara
Ten days ago, 850,000 Jews converged on the streets of Jerusalem for the biggest funeral in Israel’s history -- the funeral of Rav Ovadia Yosef. News agencies around the world covered Rav Ovadia’s passing, and recorded the highlights of the life of this great rabbi, political leader and social revolutionary.
Adam Mu’ad Le’olam – Accountability for Accidental Damage: The $6,000 Diamond Washed Down a 48-Story Drain!   London’s Evening Standard reported in July 2012 that a $77,000 bottle of cognac was accidentally broken by a wealthy patron at an exclusive club after he asked to study the bottle. The two-century-old brandy was scheduled to be included in... Read more »
The Conjoined Twins Dilemma: Shnayim Mehalchin B’derech, T’nu Lanu Echad Mi’khem and Rodef   In fall 1977, conjoined twin girls were born to a Jewish couple in New Jersey. A team of twenty leading doctors and nurses assembled in Philadelphia at Children’s Hospital to separate the twins in a difficult surgery that raised serious halachic and... Read more »
Sho’el Shelo Mida’at – Borrowing Without Asking, Taking Your Friend’s Jaguar XJ for a Spin: Is this “Just Borrowing” or is it Stealing?   Shoplifting is stealing. Taking out a book from the library is borrowing. But the borderline between borrowing and stealing is often blurred. Is borrowing without permission borrowing or stealing? In this... Read more »
Returning Lost Objects – Hashavat Aveidah Found: $18,000 Rolex at Times Square as the Ball Dropped on Dec. 31, 11:59:50 PM Can I Keep It?   Hashavat aveidah, returning lost objects, is a mitzvah all of us encounter in the course of our lives, either as the “finder” or the “loser.” These laws are unique;... Read more »