Shabbos is the holy day of rest. This page provides resources, articles, videos and more to help you or others have an inspiring Shabbos! Free Morasha Syllabus Shiurim Shabbat I: Plugging into the Goals of Life Shabbat II: The Shabbat Experience Free Thinking Gemara Shiur Shabbat in Outer Space The Kabbalat Shabbat Experience Siddur Click... Read more »
When Shabbat descends on the world and we participate in its observance, festive meals, songs, prayers, and all types of delights, we are connecting to one of the strongest and most meaningful Jewish forces and experiences. Shabbat is the cornerstone of Jewish belief. This class will discuss how Shabbat observance teaches and reinforces these foundations... Read more »
Apart from the fundamental aspects of rest and cessation of creative work that we discussed in the first Morasha class on Shabbat, there are several other aspects of Shabbat that join to form our total Shabbat experience: lighting candles, Kiddush, challah, and the special Shabbat meals. All these elements of Shabbat help to create the... Read more »