The Conjoined Twins Dilemma: Shnayim Mehalchin B’derech, T’nu Lanu Echad Mi’khem and Rodef   In fall 1977, conjoined twin girls were born to a Jewish couple in New Jersey. A team of twenty leading doctors and nurses assembled in Philadelphia at Children’s Hospital to separate the twins in a difficult surgery that raised serious halachic and... Read more »
Returning Lost Objects – Hashavat Aveidah Found: $18,000 Rolex at Times Square as the Ball Dropped on Dec. 31, 11:59:50 PM Can I Keep It?   Hashavat aveidah, returning lost objects, is a mitzvah all of us encounter in the course of our lives, either as the “finder” or the “loser.” These laws are unique;... Read more »
Overview of the Thinking Gemara Series Learning Gemara with newcomers to Judaism is a vital step to help empower them to become active participants in the Mesorah. The Thinking Gemara Series can assist rabbis, educators and outreach professionals to engage students with little Jewish background in Gemara study. Each shiur poses a series of contemporary... Read more »
Below are of some amazing educational or Jewish-themed Prezis. Feel free to use them in your next class or even as a source of inspiration to design your very own Prezi. To view the Prezi, simply press the play button and then wait for the blue bar to load. Enjoy! Jewish and Educational Prezis Collection... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of websites, online tools, interactive media, blogs, and more that will allow you and your student greater access to the Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi. FREE NLE Thinking Gemara Series Classes Accountability for Accidental Damage Borrowing Without Asking Drinking on Purim How Many Candles Do We Light on Chanukah?... Read more »