The Oral Law is a huge subject. Since the Oral Law is the way in which we connect with the Torah, its scope is vast.  Our purpose here is not to be comprehensive, but to deal with common issues people would ask or be inspired to know. The key areas addressed include the relationship between... Read more »
The Jewish people have long been called “The People of the Book.” In fact, one of the identifying characteristics of Judaism is that Jews of all ages, and from all walks of life, engage in intensive and passionate Torah study, without any ulterior financial or academic motives. Such a dedication to study has probably never... Read more »
This page offers links that you can share with your student or congregant to have an online 1 on 1 learning session with a Rabbi, a Chavrusah, partake in a Chaburah, or even an online Yeshiva! Chavrusa Learning A new site that says, “whether you are in Kollel or are a busy Professional, find... Read more »
This page offers links and insights into both the growing field of Educational Technology as well as the Halachic implications of Torah and Technology. Websites and Articles of Interest Blended Learning: The Newest Frontier in Jewish Education? Written by Dr. Simcha Katz Text Message Responsa Written by Rabbi Gil Student this link explores the concept... Read more »
An easy-to-understand introduction to Judaism’s most sacred text The foundation of Hebrew and Jewish religion, thought, law, and society is the Torah-the parchment scroll containing the text of the Five Books of Moses that is located in every synagogue. This accessible guide explains the Torah in clear language.  The Torah For Dummies explains the history... Read more »
From the Penteteuch and Nevi’im to the Ketuvim and the oral Torah, this straightforward reference walks you through God’s instructions to His people and explains how these teachings are incorporated into Jewish life. The Everything Torah Bookpresents the tenets of the Jewish faith in an easy-to-understand reference. Fascinating insights into the history, stories, parables, and... Read more »
Everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments. However, some people are surprised to find out that in Judaism there aren’t just ten, but actually 613 commandments! These 613 commandments branch out into all areas of daily life, and form an all-encompassing system of belief and behavior. One might get overwhelmed by the sheer number 613... Read more »