Join hundreds of Jews around the world in a new innovative learning program, called Middos Challenges.

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Every month, the program focuses on a different middah, such as happiness, gratitude, humility, or conquering your desires.

At the beginning of each week, participants receive an email with a brief insight into the Middah of the month, as well as Activity Challenges and Creativity Challenges to help put the middah into practice. The weekly Torah Questions and Questions to Ponder offer even more food for thought.

Participants can earn points by completing the challenges and answering the questions (but participation is optional – you can sign up just to read the emails without participating). Winners at the end of each month receive a prize!

Great for teachers, educators, parents, or growing by yourself!

Discuss the weekly questions with your family at the Shabbos table!

There are already over 800 participants from 12 countries around the world, and the numbers keep growing!

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