This year, Rabbi Tzvi Moshe Shultz has updated the Dreidel Olympics Guide. This popular resource has lots of fun ideas that rabbis and educators can use to put your congregants and students’ dreidel spinning skills to the test.

Young and old alike love participating in these competitions and it will surely help raise the Chanukah spirit at your educational and outreach events.  

Please note: This year Rabbi Shultz added a new section of dreidel inventions. Rabbi Shultz developed this section by running all the contests with his students last year and saw first-hand what worked when it came to building these various dreidel accessories.

Please leave a reply in the comments section below if you have any other great resource that we can add to our free Chanukah Resources section (add link) or if you use any of these activities at your events or classroom.

Click here to download read the free and updated Dreidel Olympics Guide.


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