As we are now weeks away from the beginning of the school year, administrators and educators are beginning to prepare their facilities for the new year.

Many schools and organizations are looking for new educational tools to help engage and educate their students in a non-judgmental way.

As such, we want to highlight this great idea that comes from a tweet from Rabbi Josh Spodek. Now Head of School of YULA Girls High School, Rabbi Spodek’s picture of a napkin holder in a high school cafeteria with a picture of food and the appropriate bracha rishona is a great way to both teach and remind students eating in the cafeteria to a) make a bracha rishona and b) instruct them which one they should recite. The nicely designed napkin holder is perfectly suited for a home kitchen table too!

Looking for more free resource ideas on brachos?

See our NLE Resources page on brachos. This page provides links that will serve to inform and inspire both you and your students as they learn more about the value, meaning, and halachos of brachos.

If you come across a great educational idea please feel free to share it with us by sending us a message here.

Hatzlacha on the new school year and always look for subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways to educate and bring people closer to Hashem!




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