What would you choose to accomplish today and tomorrow if you knew that Hashem would make your wish come true? What is your biggest goal and dream of how and what you would like to become and achieve? Yes, we are going to study the greatest source for this topic, Makos 10b: “On the path one is determined to go, Hashem will lead him.”

Imagine someone who reviews and applies this Torah principle every day. This concept can connect us to Hashem, helping us enjoy the greatest forms of success daily.


Dovid Hamelech, Tehilim 27, would say all the time – “One thing I asked of Hashem, that shall I seek…”


How can you maintain your goals, desires, ambitions and enthusiasm? We need to keep on reminding ourselves of our chief aims in life, in inspiring and pleasant ways!

As you help many more people, you can increase your enjoyment and excitement in your growth in Torah, service and kindness to others.  We can continuously cultivate our ambition to come closer to serving and loving Hashem and people, by following Hashem’s illuminating guidelines.

As we think more with profound clarity, as we review more to reach the 101-review level of greatness, we will never give up because we know Hashem is always waiting to help us achieve greatness and closeness to Him.


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