My Jerusalem Prayer is a new service that enables people from all over the globe to send their personal prayer note to the Kotel. Notes can be typed or they can be handwritten, scanned and emailed. You will receive a photograph and/or video of your personal prayer being inserted into the Kotel. Your prayer is private, it will not be shared.


Since I came to Jerusalem, I’ve had relatives ask me to put notes into the Kotel. Once, when praying for my sick aunt, I not only placed her note into the Kotel, but I also took a picture. This lifted her spirits. It was one thing to be told that the prayer was sent, it was quite another to actually see it. She showed it to all her friends. A few months later, when she asked for one final note, I videoed it being placed into the Kotel. Once again, this lifted her spirits. After researching and seeing that no one else was offering this exact service, I decided to start My Jerusalem Prayer

Who Should Use My Jerusalem Prayer?

  • People who want to feel closer to G-d, Jerusalem
  • People who are ill or who have a friend/relative who is ill
  • Bar Mitzva boy / Bat Mitzva girl before their big day
  • Chosson / Kalla before their big day
  • Kiruv
  • School / Class project (as a means to get the students to better connect with tefillah, Jerusalem and Israel)
  • Anyone who wants their prayer inserted into the Kotel

Prices start at $18. Feel free to visit the website to learn more. Like us on Facebook and Instagram, and follow us on Twitter. 

My Jerusalem Prayer





Please contact me at to discuss any projects that you’d like to run in your community, shul, shiur, class or school.

In the meanwhile, here is a coupon:

Use coupon code OLAMI for 10% off all “picture and video” packages. 

Coupon expires September 14, 2019.


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