Three Goals of Life

We know our three primary goals: Torah, Service, and Kindness, Avos 1:2.


The Maharal explains that these three goals correspond to avoiding the three worst crimes,

  • Idol worship, the opposite of serving Hashem,
  • Murder, the opposite of kindness, and
  • Immorality, the opposite of Torah study.

He explains that Torah trains us to be a person who is spiritual, who thinks and learns and avoids being physical as an animal. A person is sanctified and elevated by Torah study and performing mitzvos. Physical acts, done with negative intentions, can demean and degrade a person.


We were created in Hashem’s image, and we are instructed, “Be Holy, for I Hashem am Holy!”

Holiness is defined as being elevated above physical temptations. The Hebrew word ‘rimoh’ which means worms, also means ‘that which is elevated above something else.’ Thus the Mishna, “The more food, the more worms,” also means ‘Don’t let the worms creep over you.’

The Ramban explains that even a person who is very careful to only eat food that is 100% kosher, but he eats a lot of it to fulfill all of his desires, he may be a ‘novol’ (disgusting type) with seeming permission of the Torah. Thus the Torah says, “No, this is wrong. We are obligated to conduct ourselves in ways of Holiness!”


“More food…” can be a transgression of the mitzva to be ‘Holy’.


We have free will to choose to control our eating by training ourselves to visualize the future – what may develop – and pray for Hashem’s help. By stuffing our body, we tend to ignore our soul. 

Focus on Health

The Rambam, Hilchos Deos 4:15 teaches:

  • Overeating for every person is like a deathly poison, the main cause of all illness.

The Rambam continues –

  • Most illnesses are caused by: 
  1. a)  unhealthy foods, and
  2. b) from filling one’s stomach and overeating even healthy foods.

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