With colleges cancelling classes and the US government banning gatherings above ten individuals, you should set yourself up to teach your classes online.

A few things:

– Online classes are awesome, your students will really listen and really get something out of it.
– Smaller groups (20 or less) are very easy to run as interactive sessions with everyone having the option to speak.
– Larger groups are better as a webinar, but allow questions and comments in chat.
– I find Zoom to be the best platform, and it allows you to show slides, markup a whiteboard, and many other things.
– Because you’re teaching online, make sure to follow-up with short, multiple-choice quizzes (to make sure they’re paying attention) and ask for a short essay as well.
– Google Docs (there is a quiz function in Google Forms) is the best and easiest tool for essays and quizzes.
– Record your sessions, and post them to your website so your students won’t miss anything.
– Beam in your guest speakers online as well.

– Never stop your one-on-one and/or small group learning – FaceTime, Skype, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc. are all great tools for online learning. 

This virus may be grinding the world to a halt, but that’s no reason to stop learning!

If you have questions—I have been teaching online for a long time, and I love it!—so please don’t hesitate to reach out (however, I do have a crazy schedule, so email me first to set up a call, don’t just call out of the blue, thank you!).

HaShem made the internet in order to make His Torah great and glorious, so embrace this tool and never stop teaching! Don’t let travel bans and cancelled semesters stop you from your important work. 

Wishing everyone health and hatzlocha!


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