Thank you Rav Gidon [Shoshan] for all the hard work to set this up. The vision here is to try and share a Torah vision of how we are supposed to respond to a pandemic. Olami is the idea of the whole world working together on something, and we’ve got something we need to work together on.

We need to provide a framework for understanding on how to look at this in terms of our hashkafa, and in terms of our actions; why our being focused and directed towards our mission, our mission only becomes more important and crucial now than before the onset of coronavirus. I’d like to try to explain that if I can.

The attempt will be to do it in terms of sources as we always do. If I had more of a chance, maybe we can do it afterwards, how to explain this to a student. Right now, my focus is to try to explain it to our educators serving Olami, serving Klal Yisroel.

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Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld is the Dean of both Machon Shlomo and Yeshiva Machon Yaakov in Jerusalem. He is also the Founder and President of Meor.

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