The Internet has given rise to new opportunities that were not available before. It is possible for individuals to create online content and earn from it. YouTube has created an independent platform where creators can develop their brand the way they want it, without restrictions from third parties. However, while running a successful YouTube Channel may appear like a walk in the park, it needs a lot of dedication, hard work, and consistency. Assuming you are a beginner, this article will show you how to make a new YouTube channel and grow it to new heights. 

Set Goals for the Channel

Success in every area of life largely depends on the ability to achieve set goals. Before setting up a YouTube channel, it is critical to determine why you need the channel in the first place. Once you are clear why the channel is important, then you can proceed to write down goals that you wish to attain. If you have a problem writing the goals, you can get in touch with a custom essay writing service. An essay writing company will enable you to come up with an essay about some of the goals you would like to achieve. Hiring a writing service will enable you to benefit from the experience of the professional writers. Ensure that the goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

What Motivates You to Setup a YouTube Channel?

You need to be sure what drives you to create new YouTube channel. Remember, numerous channels provide all kinds of information. Hence, you need to establish why you need to have your channel, despite the existence of others. You could be motivated by the desire to teach about creating webpages or mobile applications. It may be because you want to tell personal stories. You could also be aiming to sell a particular product through your channel. Whatever the motivation, you need to be sure why it is important. Ensure that motivation includes three major areas:

  • What do the videos cover?
  • What is the target audience for the clips?
  • Why should people watch your videos?

Once you capture these three aspects well, you are on your way towards making a successful YouTube channel. 

Determine the Frequency of Uploading Videos

Successful YouTubers do not upload clips haphazardly. You may be tempted to upload numerous videos especially at the inception of the channel. Be careful since this will overwhelm you when setting up a YouTube channel. Develop a plan on how you be posting new videos. This will be determined by the type of content you will create and your target audience. Be realistic about the frequency of posting new clips as you also think about the long-term. For instance, if you decide to produce one video a day, then you must be sure you can sustain that rate over the year. Remember that developing new content is not easy. Hence, you need to remain realistic about the frequency you can sustain. For a start, you may choose to do two videos in a week. With time, as you gain more experience you will be able to do more videos. 

Focus on Ideas and Concepts, Not Equipment

Invest not in equipment, but ideas and concepts since you are making a new YouTube account. Starters tend to think that equipment is so important such that they forget ideas and concepts matter most. You may look at established channels and consider acquiring the kind of equipment they have. While there is nothing wrong with this, it should not be done at the expense of ideas and concepts. The YouTubers you look up to started small and have, over the years, grown to reach where they are today. If you look at their early videos, you may notice they used simple equipment. Since you are starting out, invest your time and effort in generating ideas for the videos. Although you may not have all the equipment you need, the quality of your content will enable you to gain viewership.  

Videos Should be Short

If you aim to create a professional YouTube channel, then think of short clips. There are millions of videos online and users are likely to shift to other clips when yours is too long. Today’s users want bite-sized information and hence shorter videos work best. Do not go beyond 5 minutes long. You can do videos as short as 2 minutes that give all the required information about what you are planning. As a newcomer, viewers are not aware of your existence. What causes them to click the video is the title and thumbnail. When they see a long video, say one hour, they will not bother clicking. Keep all your videos short and to the point. 

Capitalize on Popping Thumbnails

While the title may be appealing, without a suitable thumbnail you are likely to lose viewership. Thumbnails are critical in allowing viewers to determine whether or not to watch your video. Once users search for videos and yours appears, there could be others with a similar title. In this case, the viewers will check if the thumbnail appears relevant and click on it. A popping thumbnail will enable your videos to stand out. 

Create a Strong Visual Identity

A strong visual identity is one of the most important ideas for YouTube channels. The ultimate aim of the channel is to get people to watch the content you upload. Viewers must make the decision to watch your videos based on the visual identity you have created. Your channel needs to look professional and well-polished. Ensure you have an appealing banner and an icon that represents your brand. Both the banner and icon should not stretch disproportionately. 

Bonus Tip: Video Titles Should Consider Search Engines and Humans

Consider two major factors when titling your videos: Search engines and human minds. Develop titles and descriptions that are compelling, while at the same time ensuring that search engines will have your videos at the tops of search results. At the same time, it is not a guarantee that users will click the video at the top of the search results. This means the titles and descriptions should be titled in a way that attracts users to click your video. Is creating a YouTube channel free? The simple answer is yes. However, it takes effort and resources to maintain a functional channel. 

Certainly, take advantage of YouTube to grow your brand. The variety of videos you create will assist you in gaining the viewership you need. Initially, do not worry that you may not have all the necessary equipment. There is still room for growth and you will eventually buy what you need. For the time being, focus on the ideas and concepts for the videos. Remember that it takes time to build a successful channel on YouTube. Do not give up even when you feel you are not making progress. Following these tips will eventually get you where you want to be.

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