The same word ‘Modeh’ to thank, also means to elevate. When we thank, we are also obligated to study and appreciate the great gifts we are receiving from Hashem daily. We do not say, “I thank.” Rather, we start with, “Thanking” is “I”… it should become our essence!

‘Lefonecha’ – before You. Hashem is the Creator and Sustainer of all.  His Presence is all over and His gifts include everything we see and experience, whether we know about it or not. There are numerous sources that teach our primary purpose of life to thank Hashem always.

Melech – The King

Hashem is the absolute King in charge of everything! We thank and praise Hashem at least 100 times daily to keep on reminding ourselves that He is our King. And we start with this greatest of lessons every morning with – “Modeh Ani… ‘Melech’…” not all people wake up every morning. We need to be grateful and say “Modeh Ani” with joy and excitement to relish the great feeling of ushering in a new day, a grand gift from the King of the universe!

Some explain ‘Melech’ from the word ‘Molich,’ He leads and guides the world in every way. ‘Chai’ – He is the Source of all life and ‘Vekayom’ – He is forever, infinite.

Quiet Wisdom

One of the great methods of recognizing Hashem as our King is to keep our mouths closed in His Presence.  As the Rambam teaches, “A person should always produce an increase of quietness.”

“To You, keeping quiet is Praise,” Tehilim 65! A wise person does not speak in the Presence of one who is greater than him,” Avos 5:7. When we say thanks to Hashem, we are humbled. It is a process of connecting and clinging to Hashem for which the Torah says, “By clinging to Hashem your G-d, you are alive today,” Devarim 4:4.

For replacing my Neshama soul in me with mercy…”

Your steadfastness/ faith is so great.”

1- My Neshama, the best one for me!

2- Completely recharged, like brand new!

3- Even if one may be unworthy, Hashem has faith in us to do better today!

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