Be Humble, Kind, Generous, Encouraging & Forgiving

How can I treat people with more love and caring the way the Torah teaches us?

  • What can you do to show that you put people first?
  • How can you help and serve others with more joy and attention?
  • Do you open your eyes and hand to see what others really need?

The great mitzvah ‘to love others as yourself’ is the greatest rule of the Torah. We should wake up with joy every morning with two thoughts on our mind:

  1. How can I love and serve Hashem today?
  2. How can I love and serve His children today?

This should be a daily decision we make to focus on the greatness of people, to listen to them, to help and to make them realize how significant they are. We can change our perspective, attitude and invest our efforts to do our best. We can upgrade our level of energy, enthusiasm and attention we give to all the people we interact with. We need to realize that one of the primary purposes Hashem put you on this planet is so that you should encourage and guide other people! [This is big!]

Think, ‘Where can this person use help right now?’ Your uniqueness is your super advantage when you use it to help others.

Say Less, Do More

When you narrow your target, you widen your reach. Being specific will lead you to achieve greater abundance. You can help each person with solutions for their challenges. People will respond when they see you taking an interest in them and their needs… make it your goal to make their day great. You help put a smile on someone’s face when you find ways to serve them with their needs.

Everything changes when we think that this person is being sent by Hashem to contact me now! A small thought that this person is sent from Hashem can go a long way to enhance the whole picture.

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