In Parshas Lech Lecha, Hashem informs Avraham Avinu of the astounding news that he and Sarah will bear a son. The Chumash [Bereishis 17:17] records his response, “And Avraham fell upon his face and laughed (Vayitzchak). He thought to himself, “Can a child be born to a one hundred year-old man? And can Sarah give birth at ninety years old?” As Rashi explains, citing Onkelos, Avraham’s laughter expressed his heartfelt joy at hearing the prophecy from G-d. We learn from G-d Himself the ability of good news to infuse joy in others.

Rabbi Moshe Goldberger teaches in his new eBook even a smile can be transformative in inspiring happiness, healing and hope in others and ourselves.


We are all receiving gifts from Hashem all the time.  Life itself is one huge, incredible gift composed of countless relatively smaller tremendous gifts!  When we smile we feel good (try it now)!

Hashem wants us to also share our joy with others. There is a unique explanation of Avos 2:8,

“If you have studied much Torah, don’t keep all that goodness to yourself. You were created to also share your goodness with others”!


Consider that everyone you meet has a desperate need to receive a pleasant, encouraging smile from you. That is why Avos 1:15 teaches the mitzvah to greet and accept every person with a thoughtful, pleasant face! That is also why Avos D’Rebbe Noson says a smile is the greatest gift in the world! 

Great Joy

There is also great joy that is derived from a friendly, pleasant face. That is why Avos Chapter 3 also teaches, “Greet and accept every person with joy!” Why does it say ‘every person?’ Because some people have exceptions. We need to include all family members, the people you meet daily and those you meet once in a while. Smile in Shul, in Yeshiva, in stores, on walks… you can boost someone’s mood and make their day.

Every person has some form of greatness which makes their smile unique, with caring and consideration for others. You can intensify the quantity and quality of your smile so that you will change more lives and enhance the whole world with the power of the ripple effect.

You can smile at others every single day with the tremendous power of kindness. You can fulfill the message of, “This is what you were created for,” which includes ‘to share your smile.’

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