What is my purpose in this world?

“Our soul is compared to a candle of Hashem.” [Mishlei 20:27]

What is a candle?  A clump of wax with a wick in its core.  You can light the wick with a match, and the flame can illuminate a room. So too, our body has a soul in it, which can be ignited by the flame of Torah to live with Hashem’s guidelines.

We should be thinking, ‘How can I light my candle to illuminate the world?’

When to be Hungry

We all know the key to wealth from Avos 4:1, “Be satisfied and rejoice with your portions.”  They are gifts from Hashem. Why be sad that you may not have $20 million yet, when you do already have $10 million. Thank and sing to Hashem for what He has given you already and then He will bless you with even more.

But in spiritual matters, we should never stop growing. That is why we are here!… To study more and more Torah, to pray more and connect more with Hashem, and to help each other every day.

The Mishna Avos 1:10 does not say, “Do work because you have to.” Rather it says, “Love work,” that will be the key to greater success.

Love your niche in serving Hashem.

How to Change

The key to real change is taught in Makos 10b, “The path that one is determined to go…”

This takes a firm resolution to know who you are and to recognize the flame within you to grow and connect with Hashem.

The first step is to avoid situations that seem to lead you to trouble.  The Talmud, Kidushin 56b says, “It’s not the mouse that starts to steal until it finds a hole to hide in.”

Figure out what conditions are tempting you to fall and fail.  Find ways to avoid them and grow.

Waking up in the morning is Hashem’s gift and reminder that Hashem loves you so much. He wants you in His world for another bright day!

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