How wealthy can you become if you find a few gemstones that are worth millions? The true secret to wealth is in Avos 4:1, “To learn how to rejoice with your portions.” Thus you need to utilize every wealth story you hear or read about as a ‘Moshol’/analogy to show you can find a

treasure right in the room you are in now.

You know the answer to how to find diamonds:

1 – Pray for them and

2- Search…

On the Path

Which path should we try? The Gemara, Makos 10b says, “On the path one is determined to go he will be led.” We need to review this lesson many hundreds of times and ask, “What is the meaning of ‘Rotzeh’/he desires?” Similar to the word ‘Rotz’/to run. The way we run to do something is an indication of how eager we are to do it.

The more we desire something and demonstrate our desire by means of prayer and action, the more Hashem will assist us. One simple way to buy diamonds is with money. You can earn that money by finding out what people need around where you live, and how you can supply them with their needs for a fee. There are opportunities to achieve wealth all around.

Helping Others

How do we know that helping others is the key to finding diamonds? One source is Avos 1:1, “The world stands on 3 Pillars:

– Torah Study,

– Prayer service and

– Kindness to others.”

Torah teaches us to live and succeed in all areas of life. Prayer is the only way to proceed to earn Hashem’s help… and kindness is the key to unlock our getting along with all others. Care about them. Find out how you can help them and they will reciprocate and help you.

As we learn in Avos 1:10 – “Love your work.”

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