Would it be useful if you could sum up 5 main tips for growth in your daily life? Would it be helpful to use an easy-to-remember system that you could link to your 5 fingers which you can recall when you see your hand? We will be linking these lessons to the Gemara in Kesubos 5b and in Menachos 11a which name the 5 fingers and teach 5 mitzvah purpose-lessons that can change our lives.

Thumbs Up!

The thumb is called ‘Godel’ because it is the thickest, and when you close the other 4 fingers it becomes the largest, sticking up towards Heaven. It can remind us that all of our energy and power come from the Source of all, from the Supreme, Absolute Creator of everything.

Rashi points us to Vayikra 8:23 where the great Aaron HaKohen goes through his initiation program to qualify him as the great leader to serve the Jewish nation. Part of the requirement is to apply the blood of the offering to his right thumb and his large toe to demonstrate that all of his limbs would be devoted and dedicated to Hashem’s service.

Positive Reminders

When we strive to serve Hashem positively, He helps us achieve our goals. “On the road one is determined to go, Hashem will lead him,” (Makos 10b). We should train ourselves to also connect with Hashem in prayer, to have Hashem’s name fluent in our words as we learn from the great Yoseif HaTzadik. Even children know how to show the thumbs-up symbol to encourage others, to say ‘Thank you,’ to generate excitement and ‘go-for-it’ feelings.

A thumb pointing to the sky is most encouraging as soldiers show before going into battle and astronauts do before going into space. We can use it daily and think of Mishlei 15:15 →

“One with a good attitude is always at a party!”

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