The issue of bullying—let alone cyber-bullying—has sadly been getting more and more attention as of late. Below, you’ll find great websites, articles, and video to aid you with this alarming issue at both the classroom and administrative level.


The Coalition of Jewish Teens

The Official Stop Bullying Website

Bullying Prevention

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Online Browsing

Articles and Stories

The 6 biggest myths about bullying that parents and teachers should know

October is ‘Bullying Awareness Month’ But When is ‘Most Kids Don’t Bully Month’?
by Larry Magid

For some Jewish teens, anti-bullying doc hits home
by Debra Rubin

Bullying Is a Confidence Game
via Zite

Federations’s Alliance for Jewish Education: Bris Kavod via Lookstein Center

Orthodox Union Resolution on Bullying

Were you ever bullied? These stories bring up quite a range of emotions
via Reddit

How Not to Raise a Bully: The Early Roots of Empathy
by Maia Szalavitz

I‘m being bullied what should I do?
by Lauren Roth, LCSW

Bullying and the House of Horrors
by Rabbi Steven Burg

Anti-Bullying PSA Project
via The Tempered Radical


My Friend the Troublemaker by Rifka Schonfeld

My Friend the Bully by Rifka Schonfeld


Inside the Mind and Heart of the Bullied

Watch the To This Day video to get a glimpse into the pain and lasting effects of bullying. Watch To This Day to be motivated to make a change. Note: While we don’t endorse pork chops, we do endorse the very important message in this video. 


How to Prevent Bullying