This section will enlighten you with Chanukah links, classes, and videos that will truly enhance your joyous holiday.

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Chanukah Programming Ideas


Audio Classes

Rabbi Bamberger, Moshe

Rabbi Feiner, Eytan

Avodah of Chanukah: Sweetness of Torah

Chanukah – Al Ha-Nisim

HaRav Finkel, Nosson Tsvi zt”l

Harav Nosson Tzvi Finkel On Chanukah

Rabbi Goldberg, Efrem

 Lighting Your Fire this Chanukah

Rabbi Dr. Gottlieb, Dovid

Rabbi Keleman, Lawrence

Chanukah – Making War With Nature 

Rabbi Krohn, Paysach 

The Lessons to Be Learned From Chanukah

Inspiration for Chanukah

Rabbi Lebowitz, Arye

Sarah Lipman

Al Hanissim & Chanukah

Rabbi Lopiansky, Ahron

Our Chochma and that of Greece

Kisvei Hakodesh And Ruach Hakodesh

Mesiras Nefesh

Rabbi Miller, Dovid

Rabbi Oelbaum, Noach Isaac

Practical Lessons in Life from the Miracle of Chanukah

Rabbi Orlofsky, David

Chanukah: Dare to Be Different

Rabbi Schechter, Hershel

Chanukah 2011

Chanukah and Torah She’bal Peh

Rabbi Sobolofsky, Zvi

The Light of Chanukah in a Dark World

Rabbi Tatz, Akiva

Chanukah: The Hidden Light

Chanukah: Oil, Wick and Flame

The Greek in Us: Chanukah and the 10th of Teves

Rabbi Twersky, Mayer

Inyonei Chanukah – 5769

Chanukah Today: Elevating our Material World


The Views of the Rambam and Ramban on the Chasmonoim

Rabbi Wildes, Mark

Chanukah – Conversations for the Beginners Series

Chanukah – Beyond dreidels and latkes

Rabbi Willig, Mordechai

Chanukah – Women lighting candles