Unfortunately, half of American Jews are choosing cremation due to a lack of education on this important end-of-life choice. 75% of Jews in the West Coast of the USA are choosing cremation. In some European countries, 80-90 percent are choosing cremation. Should you face a similar situation, there are resources available to help guide a family towards burial. For emergency assistance, contact Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606 or Robin@peacefulreturn.org 24 by 6.


A book on the afterlife: From this World to the Next by Robin Meyerson and Rosally Saltsman.

Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View

A great book by Doron Kornbluth. It is highly effective with Jews of all faiths and is a must-read for anyone involved in Kiruv. If you are interested in ordering discounted quantities of the book, or free brochures, please be in touch with the author at his website.

Cremation or Burial Flyers

Several free brochures are a great and quick way to answer questions on this topic.

If you ever have a crisis you can also be in touch personally with Rav Elchonon Zohn of the National Association of Chevrah Kaddisha at 718-849-9700.

If you would like assistance on teaching a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of burial, feel free to contact Robin Davina Meyerson rdmtraveldiscovery at cox.net or 604-469-1606.

It’s very important to put burial wishes in writing. A free legal burial form can be downloaded here.


Olami / NLE Shiurim

Jewish Perspectives on Death, Burial, and Mourning


The World to Come I: What in the World is the World to Come?

The World to Come II: How Can I Secure a Front Row Ticket?

The World to Come III: The New You! Resurrection of the Dead


In English and Russian


Russian Peaceful Return Website


PeacefulReturn.org is dedicated to sharing information about the importance and beauty of burial. People deserve honesty when making their very personal ‘final decision.’ Choosing burial or cremation is not easy.

Here you will find numerous resources to help you and your loved ones understand the impact and importance making an informed ‘final decision.’

This curriculum has the Torah sources on why burial is important.