This series of four shiurim offers you, the educator, a novel and thought-provoking format for presenting why it is vital to marry Jewish, and how your students will be more fulfilled by doing so. In these classes, students are first encouraged to explore the idea of “Self,” or the soul, which is the essence of who they really are. Students are shown how fundamental the soul is to their identity, although it may have previously been unacknowledged or underutilized. Ultimately they will discover how the soul profoundly affects their interpersonal relationships and consequently, their marriage.

Since intermarriage is a very emotive topic that often breeds defensiveness, we present here a gentle, non-confrontational approach to the question of why it is important to marry Jewish. Therefore, the topics of love and marriage are not addressed directly until the third class.

This series affords an intuitive, rational and compelling understanding of “Why Marry Jewish” through a fresh approach – by discovering one’s soul mate. The shiurim enable students to think about their spiritual identity – their “Self,” or soul, and how awareness of their deeper essence affects how they choose a marriage partner. At the end of the series they should have a better idea of themselves, the parameters of love, what a soul mate is, and why their soul mate is Jewish.

The Teacher’s Guide provides a brief overview of the goals of each shiur and highlights specific points to assist in  preparing to teach the series. The Teacher’s Guide also suggests how to best utilize the interactive exercises found throughout the series.

The Teacher’s Guide is found in PDF and Word formats below.