Any synagogue board president or board member I have spoken to almost always has an interesting anecdote, sometimes humorous, to share with me about their board. The challenge of finding the best lay-leaders from your synagogue membership to serve on your board can be challenging. Most synagogue by-laws dictate terms for board members to serve. This generally results in at least some annual movement in
At the end of my first year serving as Principal of a school, I met up for breakfast with someone who was very instrumental in developing school leadership talent, and had founded the graduate level program in educational administration that I had attended. He had also been a board chair for multiple area schools. I had asked to meet with him so I could let him enjoy
This section contains links and information that is particularly valuable to those involved in running a successful synagogue. Articles of Interest Women on Synagogue Boards Bring TED Talks to Shul? Interesting concept on Synagogue dues paying by Noam Neusner. A Rebuttal: Neusner’s Flawed Premise on Increasing Synagogue Involvement by Hayim Herring. Moving toward a Twenty-First... Read more »