NLE Resources contributor Rabbi Naphtali Hoff delivered a session at the recent Aish Conference on parenting. His talk, entitled, “Parenting From the Inside Out: Five Strategies to Help You Raise Happy, Fulfilled, and Connected Children” can be accessed here. It offers practical ways that parents can connect more deeply with their children and makes a special... Read more »
One of the most famous arguments between Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel relates to Chanukah. The debate centers on the sequence of the menorah lighting, whether it should be “top-down” (light a full eight lights on the first evening and then one fewer candle each successive night, the opinion of Bais Shammai) or “bottom-up” (the... Read more »
The drama involving Yosef and the shevatim which transpired on Egyptian soil is of the most intriguing sequences found in the Torah. One component which invariably captures our collective attention is the brothers’ sustained inability to recognize the Egyptian viceroy’s true identity. We are familiar with Rashi’s comment in which he
In our first essay, we discussed how knowing one’s objective and responding effectively to external threats and distractions – qualities personified by Mattisyahu – can be difference makers in our desire to inspire and advance our organizations. In this article we will seek to identify additional leadership qualities of the Chashmonaim
NLE Thinking Gemara Series – already a popular teaching tool in the hands of Outreach rabbis and school teachers everywhere – is proud to announce a brand new set of source materials exploring the history and depth of the custom to light increasing candles on each night of Chanukah. The shiur focuses on the famous Gemara
As a leader, you know that leadership offers great opportunities to guide and inspire others, to set the agenda and see it to fruition. However, it also can place us in compromised situations, where we feel as if we have lost control of the situation around us and need to engage in damage control. There are even times when we step into a leadership role
Over the last ten years, the world has entered a new era: the Digital Age. Business, shopping and entertainment - people's entire lives - have moved online. The Kiruv world has not been slow to respond and today there is a wealth of resources available online as well as digital-savvy organizations using the web to reach out to new audiences.