"Gold Mining," as the name implies, means going to those places where you are most likely to find gold. In order to attract new major potential donors to your projects, one of the ways is to go through all your present and past major donors, (that are major to you, often $5,000 plus) and ask yourself, ‘How did I acquire each of these donors?’ If you have 5-50 present and past large donors, then this simple exercise should take you 30-60
Does your organization need an easy and fun fundraiser? Put the fun in your fundraising with a sports related event! In Great Sports-related Fundraising: Part 1 – Golf!, we explored how you can run a successful fundraiser on—of all places—a golf course and in Great Sports-related Fundraising: Part 2 – Cycling we showed how organizations such as Chai Lifeline are using this
Many nonprofit organizations rely upon fundraising events to meet their annual budget. Much hard work and planning goes into launching a successful event in which young and old alike can come and support one of their favorite institutions or causes. With Purim right around the corner, many Jewish organizations have various fundraising events and activities that revolve around this joyous holiday.
The year flew by and it's time to go back to your major donors to ask them to renew or increase their donation to your project. Aside from a pre-Pesach call, Rosh Hashanah gift and your twice-a-year email update, you have a feeling that there is something more that you should have been doing. Perhaps, some more relevant and personalized interactions, but you're
A number of days ago, Google released YouTube Rewind 2013. The YouTube Rewind feature is something that the company has offered for several years now and is a playlist of the most popular trending, searched, and viewed videos of the year. At first glance, this feature will not help a rabbi or school—nor any sort of nonprofit organization!
If your budget is less than $1M, then it’s likely that your fundraising department is you, and you alone. Your time is limited, you're juggling multiple responsibilities, and you always have to prioritize where to invest your time and efforts. So where should you put in effort to get the biggest financial gain? The end of the year brings a real and unique opportunity
In the first part of this post, we explored how if you are looking for new donors, a rented (or borrowed) mailing list might be a goldmine. We also discussed concepts such as: Compiled vs. Response Lists and how to evaluate if a list is right for your organization. When it comes to paying for a list, expect to pay in full up front