A History of the Holocaust and the Response by the World; Reasons for the Holocaust and the Appropriate Jewish Response; How the World was Changed by the Holocaust.       Download Holocaust book 1   Download Holocaust book 2
The Holocaust, or the Shoah (as it is known in Hebrew), is perhaps the most significant event of modern Jewish history, and one of the most central events of all time. Besides the destruction of the first two Temples, the Holocaust may have been the most devastating event in the annals of Jewish history, changing... Read more »
The Holocaust Timeline below can be split up into two general sections. The years 1933-1939 were “years of persecution.” The Jews of Germany were dishonored, degraded, and gradually expelled from German society. They became objects of ridicule and hatred; their assets were confiscated, and their basic rights revoked. Anti-Semitic laws spread to other European countries,... Read more »
In the first NLE Morasha Syllabus shiur on the Holocaust, we developed a rudimentary understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust and its irrevocable impact on the Jewish people. We will now turn our attention to some of the glimmers of hope that appeared during those dark days. It is important to dispel the myth... Read more »