Over the past several months, we have featured posts that highlight where you can get great looking free stock photos to enhance your flyers and brochures. See here for our latest post. Likewise, we have also featured useful design tools such as Canva and Smore. Recently, we received an inquiry asking if we could
Due to the Great Recession, many people have found that the past several years have been really hard for them to make ends meet. And, at a organizational level, it's also been rough. One way that you can supplement income and increase the visibility of your personal and professional brand is to create your very own online course.
As a rabbi and educator who works for a school, shul or nonprofit organization, you do not solely represent yourself. You also represent the place in which you are employed. Everything that you say and write is representative of all that you and the institution that you are affiliated with stands for and preaches on a daily basis.
How to Use Instagram Video With 20 billion photos already shared on Instagram, about 60 million are added each day. When Twitter first launched in 2006, many were unsure how to use it and asked, “what was the point of a medium that only sends out 140 character messages at a time?” Today, Twitter is... Read more »
At NLEResources.com, we aim to provide you with the latest ways that you can reach your audience and enhance your programming and marketing. To that end, that we’ve written posts showing you how you can best use Vine or Raise Your Visibility Using Pinterest! In this post, we are going to explore how you can use
Your name might say who you are, but when it comes to social media, your hashtag is your face. It’s what sets you apart and defines you. Just like you can choose what makes you look your best, there are also ways to choose your hashtag to make it the most appealing. Pick your Focus – Before you pick a
When it coms to an annual dinner or a special event, more and more Jewish organizations have been advertising their occasion in the likes of Mishpacha Magaize or Ami Magazine. There are many reasons for this relatively new trend. Namely, donors like to see that their cause is one that is receiving global attention.
Young professionals (and especially young moms) are busy. Between work and family there isn’t so much time left. And so, events that allow you to connect with them need to be "worth it" for them to take the time out of their schedule, give up an early night, and get a babysitter! We have found that inspiring speakers, guest lectures, and special
I needed flyers. In order to do programs for my community, I needed to be able to make nice flyers to hang up, hand out, and embed in an email. We could not pay the $75 or more for each flyer to be designed. So I wondered, "What should I do?" Rabbi Michoel Green wrote an article (see here) on NLEResources.com about Canva where you can make flyers! You can layer words, and you can
A number of weeks ago, we featured a post called, How to Find and Use Free Images for Your Flyers, Websites, Blogs and More. Several people thanked us for sharing these resources as they are constantly looking for sites that offer high-quality free images that they can use to help advertise their events and programs. We have recently come across four other sites that can be of service to all rabbis and educators