An animated GIF is a series of still image frames coded into a single file. While animated GIFs have been popular online for years, they are now increasingly popular and often go viral across social media and blogs. Ready to learn how you can use a GIF to get your organization attention and market your programs? Here we go!
Gone are the days when people took pictures on a bulky camera and then had to wait several days for the lab to process their film. Nowadays, everyone can quickly take great looking pictures on their phones and instantly see the image on their screen. This has led to a proliferation of people being able to easily capture a beautiful sky or snap
At NLE Resources, we field inquiries from rabbis, educators, and nonprofit professionals asking us all sorts of questions. One particular set of questions that we have been asked on more than one occasion is, "Where can we find free high-quality pictures to use for our flyers, websites, etc?" "Is there a place online to find great free images to add more visual appeal to my classroom or enrich our email newsletters?"
Lowe's is a popular chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Along with Home Depot, it is the place that millions of consumers turn to each year for appliances, tools, hardware, paint, etc. What is Lowe's doing online to convey their message that they are a place that anyone can feel comfortable
When blogs were first introduced, many rabbis and educators in the Jewish world didn't run to embrace blogging. However, nowadays, there are a lot of Jewish personalities who have come to use their blog as a great vehicle on many fronts. If you still aren't convinced of this, check out our post entitled, 4 Compelling Reasons Why Every Rabbi and Educator Should Blog. And so, if you are a veteran to the
Are you looking for more people to click, read, and open your messages that promote your programming and latest events? Have you taken our suggestion to write a blog and are looking for more traffic? Let's be honest: it's tough. Getting people to open your emails and read about your programs is difficult. (See here for how low the click rates are across various industries.)
Gone are the days when Jewish organizations and the people who work for them did not use the internet. Today, most small and large Jewish organizations utilize a slew of online platforms to connect with their constituents and spread their message. Case in point: you'll find that Agudath Israel of America's national director of state relations, has a very active Twitter account. But, before running to a relatively new platform such as Twitter
Are you reading this on your mobile phone? Did you check Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat when you woke up this morning? As a rabbi or educator, you might have answered no. But, for millions of people around the world, their morning routine has changed dramatically in the past five years—and things aren’t slowing down in 2014 In fact, if you were to survey your students, congregants and donors
Looking back at 2013, there’s no doubt that non-profit organizations have matured in their ability to leverage social media to promote their causes. As we set forth in advancing our communication strategies for 2014, it’s time to look beyond the “holy trinity” of social media, Twitter, Facbook and Youtube. It’s time organizations begin pushing the envelope by embracing some of the newer platforms. Of course, many