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Pesach ended the other night and the immediate, desperate reaction from Jews worldwide was Cookie Monster-esque. ”Chametz!” (Not sure if anyone also broke into the “C is for chametz” refrain, but it wouldn’t shock me if they did.) Lest the reader think that I am some cave-dwelling hermit that subsists on potato starch and macaroons all year ‘round, allow me to share that I also love a good slice of pizza, particularly
Does your organization need an easy and fun fundraiser? Put the fun in your fundraising with a sports related event! In Great Sports-related Fundraising: Part 1 – Golf!, we explored how you can run a successful fundraiser on—of all places—a golf course and in Great Sports-related Fundraising: Part 2 – Cycling we showed how organizations such as Chai Lifeline are using this
This year, Taanis Esther falls out on Thursday before Parshas Zachor. Grasping the significant symbolism of this year's calendar, which won't repeat itself for another three years, Yizkereim is inviting shuls to participate in Yizkereim's Zachor...Lo Tishkach Program. Yizkeriem intends to seize the meaningful eis ratzon at the mincha-time Avinu Malkeinu, and honor the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust as well as perpetuate the legacy of the
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From time to time, we publish blogposts that featured great programming brochures or ideas so that your shul or community kollel can be aware of wonderful events from around the globe. Last year, we wrote a blogpost entitled, Turn the Super Bowl Halftime Show into a Torah Halftime Show. We encourage you to read it once again as it highlights how your shul or school could use a game
Remember Avraham Fried’s “No Jew Will be Left Behind?” If you run a kiruv organization this is probably your motto in your quest to reach every single Jewish neshama in town. That’s the way it should be. And you will have a much greater chance of making it happen if you concentrate your efforts on different constituencies, developing them one at a time.