Does your organization need an easy and fun fundraiser? Put the fun in your fundraising with a sports related event! In Great Sports-related Fundraising: Part 1 – Golf!, we explored how you can run a successful fundraiser on—of all places—a golf course and in Great Sports-related Fundraising: Part 2 – Cycling we showed how organizations such as Chai Lifeline are using this
From time to time, we publish blogposts that featured great programming brochures or ideas so that your shul or community kollel can be aware of wonderful events from around the globe. Last year, we wrote a blogpost entitled, Turn the Super Bowl Halftime Show into a Torah Halftime Show. We encourage you to read it once again as it highlights how your shul or school could use a game
People from around the globe have been turning to for questions related to chinuch, marketing, programming, fundraising, and more! In this series of posts, we are going to share with you what different Jewish organizations are doing to bring people together to play games that they love, bask in the summer sun, and raise funds... Read more »
Recently, we received an email from an educator who said that he was, “looking for resources from which he could use sports to teach Jewish concepts.” As a rabbi or educator, you are always looking for ways to help your congregants or students better their behavior and conduct. It follows that the use of sports references... Read more »
A few years ago when I was traveling, a relative suggested I read the book “It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” by Lance Armstrong. They said that as a person who appreciates inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles, I would be impressed with the book and may find future fodder for future Vorts in it. I read the book and do not recall being particularly inspired.