Perhaps the most fundamental philosophical conundrum contained in Parshas Va’Era relates to the apparent injustice associated with the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart (Shemos 7:3, et al). Where was the justice, we wonder, in Hashem augmenting Pharaoh’s inherent cruelty and stubbornness
As Jewish day school parents, we tend to be very involved in our children's education. The very process of selecting a Jewish day school is a form of involvement. There are countless other ways to be involved, including helping children with homework, volunteering at school, raising funds, and communicating with teachers about our children's progress. As a former day school teacher
A number of days ago, Google released YouTube Rewind 2013. The YouTube Rewind feature is something that the company has offered for several years now and is a playlist of the most popular trending, searched, and viewed videos of the year. At first glance, this feature will not help a rabbi or school—nor any sort of nonprofit organization!
Moshe is introduced to us as an infant, floating down the Nile River in a reed basket. His mother had placed him in the water under the watchful eye of his elder sister Miriam, in a desperate attempt to preserve his life. Despite this tumultuous beginning, Moshe experienced a relatively tranquil, privileged upbringing. While bathing in the Nile, Pharaoh’s daughter found the Hebrew
In our first essay, we discussed how knowing one’s objective and responding effectively to external threats and distractions – qualities personified by Mattisyahu – can be difference makers in our desire to inspire and advance our organizations. In this article we will seek to identify additional leadership qualities of the Chashmonaim
As a leader, you know that leadership offers great opportunities to guide and inspire others, to set the agenda and see it to fruition. However, it also can place us in compromised situations, where we feel as if we have lost control of the situation around us and need to engage in damage control. There are even times when we step into a leadership role
Remember Avraham Fried’s “No Jew Will be Left Behind?” If you run a kiruv organization this is probably your motto in your quest to reach every single Jewish neshama in town. That’s the way it should be. And you will have a much greater chance of making it happen if you concentrate your efforts on different constituencies, developing them one at a time.
In his letters, the Lubavitcher Rebbe advised his emissaries that the dissemination of Torah has to be approached like a business. And no serious business starts off without a business plan. Wait! Don’t browse away! I know what you are thinking. “Business plan? You mean like that 350-page
To date, there are a select number of Orthodox rabbis and educators that offer podcasts on iTunes. The only Orthodox organization that has a really strong presence on iTunes is the Orthodox Union. Guess what? You and your organization can also offer any of your recorded shiurim and classes as a podcast on
The way nonprofit organizations are composing and circulating periodical information is altering dramatically, and those associations that are still caught up in applying old layouts and designs when publishing their fundraising requests and bulletins