The Tefillah and Davening  page offers links to wonderful websites, audio, and much more that will empower you and inspire a student/congregant to have a greater appreciate for Tefillah. Free NLE Book Siddur – A collection of commentaries on the weekly Siddur. Articles The Origin of the Recital of Shema in the Musaf Kedusha, by By... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of websites, online tools, blogs, and more that you or even a student who is a real Foodie will find informative! Kosher Symbols Common Kosher Symbols Kashrus Websites Great links to Kosher Food Articles. Kosher Spirit Kosher Spirit tantalizing recipes and new innovations in the area of... Read more »
This section contains links and information that is particularly valuable to those involved in running a successful synagogue. Articles of Interest Women on Synagogue Boards Bring TED Talks to Shul? Interesting concept on Synagogue dues paying by Noam Neusner. A Rebuttal: Neusner’s Flawed Premise on Increasing Synagogue Involvement by Hayim Herring. Moving toward a Twenty-First... Read more »
The issue of time management is a very complex one in a world that seems to get busier and busier. The concept of leaving work at the office has gone out the window in a world that functions with smartphones. The same can be said for a Jewish Educator or Jewish Outreach Profesional. This juggling... Read more »
A companion to The Merit of the Righteous Women, this newly translated work from the Biala Rebbe, shlita is a powerful source of inspiration for today’s Jewish woman. Drawn from classical sources of Torah and Chassidic thought, the Rebbe discusses such topics as emuna (faith), tznius (modesty), and the power of a woman’s prayer. Thought-provoking... Read more »
For the first time, we are privileged to present an English translation of Mevaser Tov, one of the works of the Biala Rebbe, Shlita. This insightful, enriching volume presents a Chassidic discourse on the essential role of women in the preservation of the Jewish people. With wisdom and sensitivity, the Rebbe highlights topics such as... Read more »
I know I am supposed to feel like a repressed, suppressed, oppressed and perhaps depressed victim of a patriarchal leadership, relegated to the back of the bus by bushy-bearded, black-coated, wild-eyed fanatics. But what if I don’t?