We all need to create brochures, flyers for our classes, banquet invitations, and so on and so forth. Without these graphically pleasing pieces it would be that much harder to attract people to come to the event. Finding a graphic design who is not just affordable but who really has their pulse on the Jewish world is hard to find. Likewise, when it comes to examples of how we want a flyer to look we often need inspiration and have no where to turn. On this page you will find links to graphic designers who have a proven track record in the Jewish world as well as a slew of PR Samples to to provide you with a plethora of inspiration!

PR Samples

NLE PR Samples
Search through one hundred different designs and cover a full array of promotional materials. Not only can you find great titles for your class or event, but you can also find excellent inspiration that you can forward on to a graphic designer, so that he/she could come up with a similar concept for you. To zoom in on the image and see more about the image or the text used within simply click on the image. Clicking on the image a second time will bring you directly to the original site that, be it from the organization itself or the website of a graphic designer. Some of the images can also be easily downloaded or customized for FREE to your liking. Click away!

Discovery Production
PR Samples primarily from Aish HaTorah affiliated events.

Graphic Designers

If you are a graphic designer and would like NLE to consider adding you to this list, feel free to contact us.


Nechama Marcus
Friedman Advertising
Aish Design
VEP Graphics
Yossi Grahic Design
Staiman Design
Chabad Prints
Zippy Thumim Design
Studio 613
Creative License Design