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Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
THE HISTORY OF MAN AND THE HISTORY OF EACH MAN We are, as the British-American poet W.H. Auden once said, “history making creatures.” [1] We make this history together with our G-d. As Jews, we cannot allow ourselves to be passive observers, swept along by the events that others make. We are a history-making people!... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Asher Resnick
This is the final essay of a three-part series on “Understanding and Accepting Nechama.” Click here to read Part Two.    Guidance of what to say, and what not to say, at a shiva (house of mourning) As helpful as many ideas may be for our personal understanding and acceptance of nechama, it is extremely important to realize that they may be... Read more » (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
We all know how important print media is in the Jewish world. Let’s be honest. While print magazines are “dying” right and left in the tech-savvy world that we live in – Jews – and in particular – Shomer Shabbat ones, enjoy being the (printed) People of the Book.  For years, we are a nation... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Michoel Green
Chris Brogan is an American author, journalist, marketing consultant, and speaker about social media marketing. He recently wrote about his encounter on the evening before the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES). He tells of a woman by the name of Peggy, who said to him that he could not attend the famous CES conference wearing... Read more » (Read More)
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