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Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
Amongst Jews, genius is found only in the holy man. Ludwig Wittgenstein (notebook, 1931) There are two types of kedushah (holiness). The first is the active generating of holiness through doing the commandments and through sanctifying the material. However, there is another type of sanctity — purity (taharah). [1] Simply stated, purity is achieved through... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Akiva Aaronson
The Year The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, based on the cycle of the moon around the earth. This cycle takes twenty-nine and a half days, so the months are alternately twenty-nine or thirty days, except for Cheshvan and Kislev, which can be either twenty-nine or thirty days. [1] There are twelve months in... Read more » (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
Have you been hiding under a rock? If the answer is yes – than you may not have heard of ChatGPT. However, for all of us who are living in 2023 AI and in particular ChatGPT is the trending tool that is set to change the way that we communicate and frankly function and perform. ... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Michoel Green
Over the past two months, my LinkedIn feed has shifted. The number of posts about AI and ChatGPT borders on the ridiculous. And who knows how many were generated by someone using ChatGPT? First…a bit of background:  Did you know that some of the key players in the AI space are Jewish? Sam Altman is... Read more » (Read More)
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