Overview of the Thinking Gemara Series

Learning Gemara with newcomers to Judaism is a vital step to help empower them to become active participants in the Mesorah. The Thinking Gemara Series can assist rabbis, educators and outreach professionals to engage students with little Jewish background in Gemara study. Each shiur poses a series of contemporary cases and dilemmas addressed by a guided presentation of the sugiya by Gemaras, Rishonim and Achronim using English – Hebrew (menukad) sources.

Please find below sixteen Gemara-based sugiyas presented with Teacher’s Guides and Student’s Source Sheets. The shiurim can be taught using the graphically enhanced PDF format or tailor-made by modifying the Word documents.

Any questions, feedback, MP3’s, or videos to share of you teaching the Thinking Gemara Series? Please contact Rabbi Eliezer Kwass (eliezerkwass@gmail.com).