The Jewish HERoes Film Competition encourages people to create short videos that highlight the contributions of Jewish women. The piece can be personal, historical, or even feature a Jewish woman who shows promise to become an inspirational HERo of the next generation! Cash prizes and screening of the winning film will take place on Monday, March 11,... Read more »
Comparable to the threat that intermarriage has on American Jewry is the dramatically declining birth rate. The majority of Jewish women aged 30 to 35, as well as the overwhelming majority of younger women, has no children. The low birth rate, which has been ongoing for the past 20 years, is insufficient to produce a succeeding generation for today's adults.
Recently, a rabbi contacted us through our website asking for links to sites that can aid him in putting together a Bar and Bat Mitzvah program. Overall, we looked to highlight programs that would instill a love for Jewish learning and the desire to continue moving in a positive direction. Below, we share with you a... Read more »
After exploring marriage and love in the first two parts of this series, a critical question remains: How can a couple ensure that their marriage will remain strong, vibrant and special throughout their lifetime? We already addressed three essential aspects which will help spouses establish a solid marriage: (1) continually acting as an ezer knegdo... Read more »
This page offers links to great websites, articles and two wonderful videos that are certain to enhance a Jewish Marriage! Websites The fabulous website of a hilarious Rabbi who specializes in relationships, Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky. Articles Will Divorce Make You Happier? The Emotional and Financial Implications of Divorce Video How to Fall in Love... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of websites that are valuable resources to teaching and maintaining Taharas HaMishpacha. Links of Interest Mikvah Directory Online Mikvah Calendar My Mikvah Calendar Calculating Vestos iPhone App for Taharas HaMishpacha Articles of Interest Contraception in Contemporary Orthodox Judaism An extensive article written by Rabbis Gedalia Meyer and Henoch... Read more »
The Tefillah and Davening  page offers links to wonderful websites, audio, and much more that will empower you and inspire a student/congregant to have a greater appreciate for Tefillah. Free NLE Book Siddur – A collection of commentaries on the weekly Siddur. Articles The Origin of the Recital of Shema in the Musaf Kedusha, by By... Read more »