And what does G-d demand of you except to do kindness and justice and to walk modestly with your G-d. Micah (6:8) IN THE IMAGE OF G-D R. H. Tawney stated that “The essence of all morality is this: to believe that every human being is of infinite importance, and therefore that no consideration of... Read more »

THE HISTORY OF MAN AND THE HISTORY OF EACH MAN We are, as the British-American poet W.H. Auden once said, “history making creatures.” [1] We make this history together with our G-d. As Jews, we cannot allow ourselves to be passive observers, swept along by the events that others make. We are a history-making people!... Read more »

KNOW YOURSELF TO KNOW G-D Knowledge of the self perforce precedes knowledge of G-d. If I don’t understand myself, I cannot understand the ultimate Being beyond myself. We learn this from the story of the prophet Balaam, who was asked by King Balak to curse the Jewish People. [1] As he was riding along, Balaam’s... Read more »

What is the proper path that a man should pursue? Whatever is of intrinsic value to himself and also earns him the esteem of his fellow men. [1] Ethics of our Fathers (2:1) ABRAHAM KEEPS G-D WAITING If you had to choose between chatting with G-d Himself and conversing with a mere mortal, what would... Read more »