Pesach is now less than thirty days away! For shuls and outreach centers, Pesach is among the most celebrated Jewish holidays on the Jewish calendar. After all, Passover is the most celebrated Jewish holiday, and by extension, becomes a perfect time to draw in young professionals and families. And so, while you may be busy cleaning, shopping, cooking, and inviting guests, you must remember these three points when it comes to your organization’s website.

1) Update Your Homepage to reflect that Pesach is coming: Your homepage should be welcoming the expected flood from people who googled words such as “Pesach” or “free Passover seder in my city,” and then chanced upon your organization’s website. Make sure that you have updated your headline, images, call to action buttons, etc. Make it really obvious that they have come to the right place and that your events and programming speak to the Pesach-specific needs that are on their minds right now.

2) Prepare Pre-Pesach Emails: Depending on your congregants or students, you should send out a series of emails letting them know about all that you will be offering in the coming weeks. The sooner you have the text and templates set, the better! We all know that the closer you get to Pesach, the less time you’ll have to be involved in technical things such as email blasts.

3) Social Media: If your organization uses social media and has any kind of following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. now is the time to activate them with Pesach-related content. You can post about your classes, programs, and more, but mix it up with a variety of Passover related content that is attention-grabbing, cute, clever, touching, and meaningful.


Much thanks to Naomi Elbinger of for inspiring this post.

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