It’s officially 2022. Editing video is the new self-publishing. Every nonprofit professional has or is trying to learn it. The two classic standard programs for video editing are very expensive. However, there are a bunch of really good programs for free.  CreativeBloq ran a comparative review of the best free video editing software, which is likely to... Read more »

The COVID-19 pandemic shook us all. Even the biggest businesses in the most stable industries felt this blow. But, nonprofit organizations were seriously affected by the changes imposed on them. In fact, 97% of nonprofits said that they need to innovate in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the pandemic-forced digital switch. Luckily, there are... Read more »

In previous productivity steps we planned our work (Step 1), put systems in place to keep our people informed and in sync (Step 2), and rolled up our sleeves to get work done (Step 3). This post dives deeper into the fourth of the five steps, Sustaining for Maximal Productivity. The next “self-care” step is... Read more »

On May 7, 2016 a test-driver of a driverless Telsa was killed when neither he nor the car’s auto sensing system were able to avert a large white 18-wheel truck and trailer travelling in the opposite direction making a left turn across his lane on the highway. According to police reports, the car drove under the trailer knocking off the

At the end of Parshas Vayechi, both Yaakov Avinu and Yosef HaTzadik die, are buried and mourned. It is an appropriate juncture to address the eternal question: what happens to us when we die? Death, it is often said, is a part of life. For those who remain alive and experience the death of a relative or close friend, this is certainly
Olami Resources is happy to present a series of free installments featuring Rabbi Avraham Edelstein’s important new book, The Human Challenge. This week we are sharing the third essay from Section One – A Purposeful Life – entitled, Journey and Destination. ___________________ Man attains his unique identity when, after having been enlightened by G-d that he is... Read more »