Many rabbis and educators have always had a book or two in them and have just not invested the time to sit down and crank it out.  Now is the time to do so – and the book can even help generate funds for you/your organization! We recommend that you consider publishing it using a print-on-demand (POD) service so the books are printed one at a time

Every thinking person should agree that hatred is an emotion that not only hurts people, in general, but also damages many individuals who are the object of this emotion. Yet, hate is such a powerful feeling that it often guides the actions of many people and even the actions of nations. It seems very natural to hate and wish to harm someone who has wronged you. Should a person always fight that emotion or

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe and communities, nonprofits are tasked with ensuring safe operations while still carrying out their mission and adding to their workload. While we continue to work towards containing infections and prevent panic, there are challenges at the forefront that nonprofits are facing.

At the end of Pashas Emor, the Torah describes the “Lechem Hapanim,” the special weekly Minchah offering. The dough was shaped into twelve loaves, and placed on the Shulchan in two stacks of six. Each Shabbos, the bread was replaced with fresh loaves, and the previous week’s loaves were eaten by the Kohanim. Interestingly, there... Read more »