Rashaan Salaam, a former running back who won the Heisman Trophy in 1994, was found dead [last week] in Colorado. He was 42. Rashaan Salaam was a star athlete in high school at La Jolla Country Day School and a highly sought-after college football recruit. He went on to play for the University of Colorado, where he won

The Chofetz Chaim writes that there are only two Jewish festivals during the winter: Chanukah and Purim. At Chanukah, the enemies of the Jewish people tried to take away from us, G-d forbid, our holy Torah, which is our soul and spirit. At Purim they tried to destroy us physically, G-d forbid, by attacking our bodies. What was the result? We were victorious, and we retained
Yaakov cried because he came without gifts for Rachel. He said, “Eliezer brought nose rings, bracelets and delicacies for Rivkah on behalf of Yitzchak, but I came empty-handed.” Yaakov had no possessions because Eisav sent his son Eliphaz to kill Yaakov but was unable to do so since Eliphaz was influenced by Yitzchak

Google news reported that Clinton's questionable integrity cost her the election. Marc A. Thiessen wrote on September 22, 2016 in The Washington Post, “The American people have been burned, time and again, by Hillary Clinton’s “honesty”... A recent NBC News poll found that just 11 percent of Americans say Clinton is