Hey there. It's Naphtali. I’m putting the finishing touches on my much-anticipated Back to School Boot Camp, which I will be co-presenting together with uber-talented educational coach Etti Siegel, MSEd. This Boot Camp will bring together aspiring and experienced educators who want to augment their professional tool kits

Shivah Asar B’Tammuz is the day that the Romans breached the wall of Jerusalem.  Even if the Romans had never destroyed the Beis Hamikdash, that still would have been the end of the Jewish people’s independence.  At that point, we were conquered, and we had become servants of a foreign power.  So our question is

Rabbi Yissocher Frand (On the Parsha 3) shares an eye-opening Midrash from Talmudic times of a Jewish farmer (who we’ll call Reuven) who ran into financial difficulties and was forced to sell his trusted plowing cow. The farmer sold the cow to a non-Jewish farmer (who we’ll call Logan) who was delighted as his newly purchased

As human beings, we tend to gravitate towards activities and pursuits that we are comfortable and confident with. As educators, while we like to stick with techniques and methods that are tried and tested, we are always looking for the “new best way” to reach our students. When the pandemic hit, we were thrown out of our brick and mortar comfortable

The Internet has given rise to new opportunities that were not available before. It is possible for individuals to create online content and earn from it. YouTube has created an independent platform where creators can develop their brand the way they want it, without restrictions from third parties. However, while running a successful YouTube Channel may appear like a walk in the park

Olami Professional Circles online is a unique program for young Jewish professionals, who are looking to gain an edge in business. Access virtual boardroom business sessions on a weekly basis with some of the Jewish community's most, successful business leaders and entrepreneurs - from venture capitalists to big pharma executives

Are you filming yourself a lot on your phone? Here’s a quick tip for you. You touch your phone pretty much all day long. The lenses on your phone are usually covered in oil residue, dirt, and other things that make the resulting image look soft, blurry, not pretty. Before you start recording yourself, or taking that selfie, simply clean off the camera’s lens.