Has your industry been deeply impacted by COVID19, such as education, travel, tourism, or event sales?  Are you stuck at home with little to do while you wait for the other coronavirus shoe to drop? Many of us are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption to our personal and professional lives.  We fear for our futures and

How can you motivate people when you can’t pay them more money? Sometimes your budget constraints won’t let you pay an employee more money. But you need to survive as an organization, and you need good employees to thrive. Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand shares a powerful way to keep employees happy and committed. 

“I think that probably the most important thing about our education was that it taught us to question even those things we thought we knew.”  –Thabo Mbeki **This article will be slightly different than my other articles. It is written in more of a rambling style. Combining two important, yet very different points.**

As I sit, all alone, in a place, once called home, I ponder, and  reflect, on the one, I did neglect, not my child, not my wife, not my boss, but my life, who is this, I now meet, in the mirror, not the street, when all else, melts away, and I’m stuck, with him all day, I start to notice, how long it’s been, since I’ve thought, about him, where’s he headed, what’s his plan,