It is, of course, THE ultimate question: what is our purpose in life? Everyone naturally wishes to find the answer to this question, to make his or her life as meaningful as possible. The purpose of one’s life is a concept that may be understood on many different levels, from the deeply philosophical and abstract,... Read more »

Bitachon, trust in G-d, is one of the foundations of our relationship with Hashem. How do we apply this essential principle when facing significant difficulties in our lives? Should it depend upon our merits? These classical sources should help us to understand what bitachon actually means. This is Rabbi Resnick’s first of two essays addressing... Read more »

We all know that McDonald’s is the epitome of “treif.” That said, and in the spirit of our Sages who tell us that we can “learn from every person” – it’s worth noting that the iconic fast food restaurant just unveiled a new commercial that doesn’t show either its food or its restaurants for the first time ever.  If anything,... Read more »

Running a nonprofit is no simple feat. To that end, it’s also important to measure your success and keep in mind what we refer to as, The 4 Principles of Nonprofit Growth:  Provide specific value to a specific audience. Ask yourself: Is your chesed organization providing value? Make sure you aren’t just spinning wheels.  Consistency... Read more »

Are you looking for ways to engage students and make a lasting impact on them? Nonprofits are an excellent resource for enhancing student success, developing meaningful, empowering relationships, and providing key resources that will lead to improved academic performance. Read on to see what your nonprofit can do to successfully engage students. The number of... Read more »

For 15 years, the Minneapolis Community Kollel had been raising a nice amount of money at their annual dinners. Last summer, they ran their first online crowdfunding campaign. And raised $629,000 – almost double what their dinners had been bringing in. After the campaign dust had settled, Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger, CEO of the kollel, shared with... Read more »

Cryptocurrency has become the most popular donation option in many countries, and crypto investors are among the most coveted donor associations in history. Most of the big owners of Bitcoins, Litecoin and Ethereum are young, wealthy people motivated to share their capital. They donate hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies annually, and nonprofit companies... Read more »

Once you’ve established your nonprofit, you will find that you often need to be your own graphic designer to make both offline and online flyers to advertise/raise money for your cause(s). As such, we encourage you to know of sites such as and Both of these sites are: 1) free, 2) simple to... Read more »