The Chofetz Chaim writes that there are only two Jewish festivals during the winter: Chanukah and Purim. At Chanukah, the enemies of the Jewish people tried to take away from us, G-d forbid, our holy Torah, which is our soul and spirit. At Purim they tried to destroy us physically, G-d forbid, by attacking our bodies. What was the result? We were victorious, and we retained
This year, Taanis Esther falls out on Thursday before Parshas Zachor. Grasping the significant symbolism of this year's calendar, which won't repeat itself for another three years, Yizkereim is inviting shuls to participate in Yizkereim's Zachor...Lo Tishkach Program. Yizkeriem intends to seize the meaningful eis ratzon at the mincha-time Avinu Malkeinu, and honor the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust as well as perpetuate the legacy of the
There is certainly much hype and excitement about drinking on Purim. On the one hand, drunkenness is condemned, forbidden, and admonished against – to varying degrees – in the Torah, Prophets, Writings, Talmud, and Jewish ethical literature. Intoxication can lead to loss of self-control, alcohol addiction, transgression, weakened morality, and crime. In contrast, we are surprised to read an offbeat line
Purim is quickly approaching! While everyone is still obligated to send one basket (containing two types of food) to one person on Purim day itself, many Jewish organizations rely upon mishloach manos as a major fundraiser. And so, while the following post may be too late to put into action for this Purim, we encourage you... Read more »
NLE Resources invites rabbis and educators from around the world to contribute guest posts.  Here’s a new blog from Rabbi Yehuda Chanales, Director of Educational Technology and Rebbe at Torah Academy of Bergen County, New Jersey. Over the past two years, I have been doing a lot of research and learning about Project Based Learning... Read more »
Are you hosting a Purim party? Is your shul having a concert or bringing in a guest speaker? If you ever need to sell tickets to an event online, you are going to want to know about This site helps you easily sell tickets, provides you with event registration, and gives you complete access to box... Read more »