Are you hosting a Purim party? Is your shul having a concert or bringing in a guest speaker? If you ever need to sell tickets to an event online, you are going to want to know about This site helps you easily sell tickets, provides you with event registration, and gives you complete access to box office software. When it comes to events that you are going to charge admission for, their rates are incredibly reasonable. See here for more details.

At least one shul has already turned to and used it to sell tickets to their event. Chasam Sopher Synagogue, an New York-based shul under the leadership of Rabbi Azriel Siff, held an event called Jewish Parenting Day that featured Rav Dovid Goldwasser and other exciting speakers. When it came time to selling tickets for this event online, they turned to doesn’t just help you sell and process tickets for you. As you’ll note, you are given a unique url for your event, you can customize the background and the branding of your site to match the flyers and other promotional materials from the event (as can be seen below), and you can even provide a Google map, so that people can easily see your location. is a great site to know of and bookmark so that you can easily sell tickets online to your events now and in the future.

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